The Mission

In Poland, we will be working side-by-side the Evangelical Reformed Church of Poznan, seeking to build them up and aid in their ministry of evangelism.

The team will be traveling as a choir singing on the open street during the day and holding concerts in the evenings. A book of our song repertoire will be available translated in Polish and hymns and Psalms will be accompanied by a sketch board and presentation of the Gospel by the Polish pastors. 

We are praying that through conversations, praise, and teaching we can reach Polish people with the joy, clarity, and hope of the Gospel.

Poland 2011 Specific Goals

  • To aid in the spread of the Gospel through evangelism.
  • To help the Evangelical Reformed Church of Poznan to establish relationships in its community.
  • To build fellowship between the saints in North America and Poland.
  • To give 15 or more young adults the opportunity to see and participate in the Lord’s work in a foreign land.
  • To see 10 new people begin attending the churches in Poznan and Gdansk
Our overarching goal is expressed on the CREC website:

“To see churches established and prospering as the knowledge of God covers the earth as the waters cover the sea… to [labor] together with a generous and patient spirit…to work together effectively for the reformation of the church and the redemption of the world.”

Please pray with us that we would bring glory to Christ and that He would--

  • Open doors for ministry.
  • Give us the right words to say.
  • Shine through our actions and music.
  • Strengthen the Polish churches. 
  • Bring His hope to the people of Poland.