The Need

CREC Church community in Poland

Poland's population of 38 million is 90% Roman Catholics, 1.3% Eastern Orthodox, and 0.3% Protestant. For many, being Roman Catholic, at least in name, is tied to being a patriotic Polish citizen. 

Before World War II, Protestant, Jews, and Christian Orthodox communities thrived in Poland. After the Holocaust  and post-war expulsion of Germans and other non-natives, Roman Catholicism became the overwhelming, dominate religion. Many Polish still associate Evangelical Christians with the Germany of World War II. 

Although Polish people have a relatively high standard of living, the atmosphere of Poland is still repressive. It carries scars from European tug-a-wars and a medieval brand of Roman Catholicism. Through Polish immigration and falling birth rates, Poland is now dealing with negative population growth.

Indulgence posted on outside of church in 2009

Because Poland is a country with very few Protestant Christians, it is fertile ground for missions. It is also unusual ground, since we will be ministering to a majority of Roman Catholics.

There are currently four CREC churches doing the important work of proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ in a spiritually dark country. Poland 2011's mission is to labor alongside these churches and bring the light of God's grace and forgiveness to Poland.

Please pray with us that Christ would give His people boldness to declare His saving Gospel and that Poland would be released from the darkness and errors of Roman Catholicism.