Monday, June 6, 2011

Reading about Poland online

General Information

Polishite: Website about Polish Culture and their old site, Polish Culture have some interesting information on the history and current culture of country from the perspective of Polish immigrants.

Polandian is a site written by an Irishman and two Englishman living in Poland. It's a little cynical at times, but has an interesting perspective.

Wikipedia has a short page on Roman Catholicism in Poland as well as general overview information on Religion in Poland  and on Poland as Country.

Here are a variety of interesting BLOGS that all have something to offer.

Wroclaw Workshops: an alternative guide to Wroclaw and life in Poland.

Polish Housewife: Adventures of an American expat in Poznan.

Poland our Future: American couple living in Poland.

Do you Speak Polish?: An English teacher in Poland.

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