Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day 12 - Last Working Day

Today started too early for some of us... We woke up all too Elyse, Nathaniel, and Landon-less. We hope they have an amazing time bashing around the Europe. We miss them here!

We held devotions and started our goodbyes to Pastor Bubu before crawling down to Old Town to hand out more fliers, do any last shopping or sightseeing, and have another lunch at Subway. After four lunches there, they must have decided to give us some variety. The new advertising method was break dancing and stunts outside the restaurant. It made us miss Andy and his mad skills.

Pastor Bubu left around 1pm. What an encouragement, example, and inspiration he has been to us. He has poured many hours into this trip and years into the work for Christ in Poland. We cannot thank him enough for his patience, wisdom, and unique humor on this trip!

We reconvened to sing at the table, took a short break, and then marched down to St. Mary's Church. We received permission to sing a few songs, and attracted a good sized audience during our four or five Psalms and hymns.
The acoustics were unbelievable. Singing in there was an awe-inspiring experience. Not only to sing in a church begun in the 1300s, but to be proclaiming truth right in the middle of a historic battle ground between Roman Catholics and Protestants. God's plans are strange and give us an opportunity to sing there was truly amazing.

Re-energized, we left to prepare for our final concert together in Poland. A few of us caught had time to see some other churches and fly through a wonderful art museum, before meeting for another outside concert on the main street in Old Town. We got very good attendance, and tried to give our best efforts even in the squelching heat. Mr. Unger preached while Mrs. Bartosik translated, and people seemed to receive it well. A group of people came that had heard us in St. Mary's, as well as others we'd had conversations with and people we did not know at all.

Afterwards, we cooled off, got slightly sentimental, relaxed, visited churches, and updated our facebook statuses while waiting for our dinner reservation at a very fancy Turkish restaurant. The food was amazing...and we had plenty of time for good conversations and fellowship.

We continue to have interesting encounters with bold insects...including bee stings, swarming, and bug swallowing (particularly during concerts). Tonight we discovered a hedgehog named Trevor and caught a floating lantern near our hostel. If Dr. Horvath's predictions come true, we will all wake up in reptile form after  capturing this foreign object.

We all need a goodnight's sleep and are looking forward to worship and fellowship with the saints in Gdansk tomorrow.

Please pray with us-

-That our singing would have planted seeds that God would cause to grow.

-That we would have health and energy to finish well in Poland.

-That Elyse, Nathaniel, and Landon would be having safe travels.

-That preparations for departure and travel plans would go safely and smoothly.

-That we would have a blessed Lord's Day and be an encouragement to the church in Gdansk tomorrow.

-In thanksgiving for another wonderful day and good concert. We have been so blessed to be here!


Leper Watchman said...

What a rich time, it looks like you have had.

Happy Homemaker said...

After two weeks of singing together you probably sound amazing! And to get to sing in such a church! What a treat it must have been.