Monday, July 4, 2011

Day Seven - Arrival in Gdansk

We gave a fond farewell to beautiful Poznan this morning and hauled our excessive luggage to the tram, where we crammed with stuicases, bags, laptops, purses and unfortunate Poles for two stops before the doors opened and we stumbled out into the street.

After overcoming the challenge of multiple underground staircases, we resorted to a mass breakfast at KFC, which unbeknownst to us, does not serve breakfast foods.

The battle plan for gaining seatage on the full train failed miserably, as girls lacked speed and volience to claim cabins. We all stood about awkwardly in the hallways until we could find passangers gracious enough to share their space. Some found refuge in the baggage area where they ammused themselves with card games, Mad Libs, and breaking rubber bands.

At the Inowroclaw stop, Landon discovered the hostel keys in his pocket. Fail. But apparently he wasn't the only one...

We passed the time by crushing and consuming danishes, snacking on cocoa puffs, playing poker, mafia, and whist. Pastor Vanderveen showed his skills in "Down by the Banks of the Hankity-Panky" and triumphed over a whole cabin of girls.

We arrived at our new, deluxe hostel around 7pm after a arduous walk towing all our worldly possessions. Pastor Pawel and Bubu lead us to Gdansk Old Town, which is beautiful and buzzing with people and music.

We had a much needed dinner at Sphinx where certain supposedly mature persons indulged in a mild food fight. We tried to obtain ice cream, but by the end of dinner the stands were smuggling it away under lock and key. We resorted to standing about panting for internet until we finally made our way back to the hostel and obtained the web password. Miwaza exercised her genius and restored this fickle laptop to worldwide relations. We cannot be thankful enough for her awesomeness on this trip!

We're going to miss Poznan and all the people there, but we're excited about Gdansk and working with Pastor Pawel here.

Please pray with us-

-That God would bless our work here.

-In praise for a beautiful, clean, spacious hostel with acceptable internet.

-Energy and health for all of us.

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