Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day Four

The rain continues to be our devoted companion. Pray for good weather!

Thankfully, yesterday was only perpetuity wet, not pouring. After being stuffed into the kitchen/living room with a shoehorn to practice, we flooded downtown to sing in the town square and other areas in the busy parts of Poznan. We took advantage of the crowd around the clock and clicking goats at noon and got an encouraging audience.

Several of us have completely lost our singing voice, so we stayed busy destroying the Polish language and handing out concert invitations. Poor Agata would be horrified. She tried to teach us! Normally our phrase attempts would be met with encouraging smiles or blank confusion, but people were very kind. Sarah V. wins for her enthusiasm and distribution skills, even when no one has any idea what she is saying.

We mobbed KFC near our old friend, Pizza Hut, for lunch. The line was ridiculous, but the workers were troopers and we ended with hot food and happy tummies.

After lunch we split up to distribute fliers and do what we desired until we reconvened at the hostel at 5:30. Many of us visited awesome shops and learned how to communicate without any common language. That was an experience. Tragically Anna didn't find anything for Pastor Bubu in the dress shops...
I was able to visit Starbucks in its waking hours! Yay! The Alaska team put us to shame with their enthusiasm and devotion to flier distribution, even during break time.

We headed over to an old German Lutheran, now Methodist Church behind the Old Brewery Shopping Mall for our first concert. The acoustics were amazing, and reminded us of the challenge of singing on the street. It was a pleasure to sing in such an amazing building. Rebekah was empowered by the safe arrival of her beloved, and the soprano section sounded amazing.

We performed for nearly and hour and Pastor Vanderveen gave an excellent presentation of the Gospel from Genesis translated by Pastor Bubu. Nearly 30 people attended and God blessed us with some good conversations and connections. We were able to meet some more of our Polish CREC brethren, and went out to a late dinner with yummy garlic dip and copious amounts of Shoarma.

After dinner we did laundry and talked about death. In a good way.

God was very gracious to us on Friday.

Please pray with us-

-That we would have good weather! Today we have outside concert and as I write this there's steady rain. If it doesn't clear up...we're going to have a problem.

-That we would get good attendance at the concert tonight and everyone would sing and speak well.

-People would keep a good hold on their voices or discover for those of us still being afflicted by a cool.

-That Elise V. would have safe travel.

-Thanksgiving for our good concert yesterday, the safe arrival of Benjamin, and the blessing to be here!

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