Monday, July 4, 2011

Day Six

Sunday morning we all filed into a comfortable bus for the 20 kl. trip to a quiet farm where we met for worship. We met in the loft of a clean barn with the Poznan Church and other Polish brothers.

Most of the service was spoken in Polish. We joined in worship with their music and Polish hymns accompanied by recorders, voilins, and drums. We were able to sing A Mighty Fortress and the Nicene Creed in both languages. Pastor Phelps preached a sermon on the implications of the Resurrection translated by Pastor Bubu. At the end of the service our choir sang five songs for the congregation.

We enjoyed fellowship with the Polish saints while busy hands prepared lunch. A awed hush fell over the room as a band of strong men brought in three suculent, roast lambs. We decended upon them in ravinous droves. What followed was a joyfull feast and introductions. At one table we were communicating in Japanese, Russian, Polish, and English! What a blessing it is to fellowship with believers who share one common purpose.

Some of us we able to walk the grounds of an impressive mansion. Pastor Bubu took us on a nature walk over the sprawling grounds to see the oldest oak trees in Poland. On the trek back, Sam's head collided with a dead tree and we met an electric, blue beatle named Turtle. Sadly, we had to say good-bye to Ewa, Sarah, David, Philip, Kasia, and Pastor Andrzej. What a blessing they have been. We miss them already.

On the bus, certain persons tried to inhibate our slumber by singing musicals.

We gave one last farewell to Poznan Old Town, before experiencing Pastor Bubu's supurb barbeque skills. We ate, drank, and were merry.

After a day of comparitive relaxation, Otto lead some of the more insane members to an unsuspecting park, where we engaged in frisbee warfare. The Alaskan girls owned the field...while most of us ran around wildly. We came back with no permanent losses, although Russia sported a black eye for her valiant efforts.

We feel so blessed to have spent a week in Poznan. We are excited about the conversations we've had, and how God has seen fit to use our time here. In our last night, Benjamin and Rebekah were accosted by American Mormons who are here spreading a false gospel. How strange to witness to fellow Americans in a foreign land. Rebekah's wisdom and confidence rattled the young woman. Who knows what seeds God is planting.

Special thanks to Rachel M. who is helping get these posts up and sharing her humor and intellect.

Please pray with us-

-In praise for Elise's safe arrival.

-In praise for our time in Poznan.

-For encouragement and blessing for the saints who we leave in the trenches of the ongoing battle for reformation. They are truely an example of determination and strength.

-For safe travel to Gdansk by train.

-That God would bless our work in Gdansk.

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