Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day 11 - Gdansk

Friday was a wonderful, crammed day for us.

We rolled out of bed to split up between Gdansk and the beach. 

Some of the team continued to hand out fliers while Pastor Pawel stayed at the table handing out literature and talking with people. 

Those on the beach excursion left on the train with Pastor Bubu to the pier, and were welcomed by gorgeous sand and water. Soon after the walk on the pier, they began a frisbee game, which involved much tripping, diving, and general sandy chaos. Certain male persons found it necessary to make sure that other certain persons got thoroughly wet in the Baltic Sea. It only took five guys to throw Joe into the water... 

The beachers brought home sea water and a baggy of sand to have a ceremonial toe dousing...we all want to say we had our feet in the Baltic Sea.

We met for another lunch at Subway where we are becoming increasingly more efficient, and then returned to the table to sing. Between several rounds of short bouts of singing, we buzzed around the old town, had conversations, and/or relaxed and panted. 

Our first concert was on the main old town street at 4pm. There was a good turnout and despite the erratic showers and several people coming and going, it was our best concert attendance yet. People were hanging out of windows and coming out of restaurants to listen and clap. 

Dr. Horvath preached, sandwiched between two sections of Psalms and hymns. We were able to have several good conversations after the concert before rushing to dinner, changing, and arriving at  La Fontaine for our second concert of the day.

We got a lot of rain the 9pm concert, but it forced us to cram under the canopy which changed the acoustics and made us sound pretty good...seriously, even with tired voices. The audience was sparse, but we were able to talk to all the attendance and were very encouraged by people's interest and response. 

We waited around at the tram stop, piled inside, went to the hostel, and then split up. Many of us went back out along the waterfront to celebrate Elyse's birthday with a second dinner of pizza, drinks, and conversation. By the time we made our way back, some of us were ready to fall in bed, while the rest sat out on the steps of the hostel and talked into the light hours of the morning.

Elyse, Nathaniel, and Landon all left early Saturday, so we had to have a last bash with them. They are missed!

Please pray with us-

-In thanks for the blessing of reaching people through singing on the street, in the two concerts, and conversations. God has been very good. 

We are earnestly praying that He uses us to plant seeds that will bear fruit, and that we could be an encouragement to the Polish saints here!

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