Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day Eight

We crawled out of our new, comfortable accommodations Tuesday morning to meet for devotions in the adjoining building. After praying together we had a mad scramble for last minute changes and headed out together to Gdansk Old Town. We met Pastor Pawel, Mariusz, and Ewa and began to sing and hand out concert invitations.

Between half-hour bouts of singing, we made a trip to St. Mary's Church where the ambitious climbed the 400 terrifying stairs to the tower roof. It was well worth the sweat and tears...except for Joe who sat in the dark below the final staircase. The view was amazing from all sides and gave us a big picture of Gdansk.

St. Mary's is currently under renovation and strewn with beautiful artwork from other churches and cathedrals. Some glorious sites included the Pieta of Gdansk, an astronomical clock, a panel of the Ten Commandments, an awe-inspiring pipe organ, and Memling's 13th century Last Judgement. So many old, beautiful pieces of art still waiting for restoration.

We mobbed Subway for lunch and then made the short walk back to where Pastor Pawel had remained to pass out information. We sang again and then Pastor Pawel talked while painting on a sketch board. He attracted a good-sized crowd, many of which stayed the entire talk and into the next round of singing.

At 4pm, we rushed to dinner at a catering restaurant and then returned to the hostel to change into concert clothes. Between walking and trams we made it to La Fontaine for our first concert in Gdansk. There was a respectable audience and Mr. Unger presented the Gospel with Pastor Bubu translating. After the concert we were able to have some very good conversations with several German ladies, a Roman Catholic couple, and several others. La Fontaine had also put out some wonderful refreshments and everyone was revitalized with coffee and sugar.

We made the trek home where we continued in our tradition of whacking our heads on signs, concrete, trees, or whatever else comes to hand. Some of us retreated to our boudoirs to nurse our sunburns or fall unconscious in exhaustion, while others went back out on the town to create a general ruckus and have an amazing time.

We continue to be awed by the fickleness of the weather and the impressive size of Gdansk's bees.

We are so thankful for a glorious day of sun and good conversations.

Please pray with us-

-That we would continue to have good weather.

-That God would bless our conversations.

-That we would have energy to do all things well!

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