Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day Five

Today started too early with a confused Polish man bursting into the girls' hostel. Apparently his room was full and he was trying to find a place to stay...

Needless to say all the girls were wide awake and ready long before the boys crawled into our practice room. We kept practicing for only 20 minutes so we'd have at least a dull croak left for the concert this evening and then were set loose for some free time until we regrouped at 2pm.

Upon release we migrated en masse to Starbucks. Certain technologically literate persons sat about enjoying conversation and free internet, while the rest of us split up to shop, explore, and eat at Pizza Hut...again.

Some of us cruised the mall at various times and places where Nathaniel reportedly ran into a glass door. Good times.

Some of us caught an amazing organ concert at the "pink church" otherwise known as the massive, gorgeous church near the town square. Some of us privileged persons saw a beautiful 1400's Franciscan Church that had been rebuilt several times, but retained all its glory. The pipe organ alone was magnificent.

Besides some unfortunate stragglers, most of us reconvened at the hostel at 2pm and set out on a long trek past a million wedding dress shops and other assorted stores and buildings. We arrived at the park still clutching our umbrellas and shivering. The stage for our concert performance had some very interesting acoustics going on, which made for an interesting experience. God saw fit to keep the rain and wind constant, but we did have several people stop by. Mrs. Jarmulak and co. kept our spirits up by leading our varied audience in claps of encouragement.

By the time we'd finished the concert, the wind had become even more aggressive. Those of us delusional enough not to pack coats were suffering again.

We all hurried to the massive historic Poznan Cathedral and managed about 7 minutes between a wedding and evening mass. It was well worth it. I hope Peter and Miwaza got some good pictures. I can't begin to describe least when I'm this tired.

We had some time before dinner reservations so we dispersed, and some of us shivering, blue people finally gave in and went warmth hunting. C&A was the closest shop at hand and we left with warm jackets and alarms beeping. It was probably Sam trying to smuggle his coat...or maybe it was his rad hat. Too much coolness.

We returned to the "Dumpling Place" we had mobbed on Wednesday, only this time with some extra-good beverages Aaron wished to add to the gathering. We left in groups, fat and happy.

Unfortunately some of us girls curently sit in misery while we wait for our wondering room keys. They're out on the town.

Meanwhile, the boys abandoned Benjamin, who was oblivious to his plight while he wandered about holding Rebekah's hand. His door poundings could not be heard over the men's rumbling conversation, and he could only regain entrance by throwing vittles at the third-story window. Finally, a half of banana reached the feet of one of our fearless leaders, who promptly responded with, "What in the world?!!?!??"

God has given us another blessed day. It wasn't really our plan, but He apparently had a better one.

Please pray with us-

-That we would have good fellowship with the Polish saints, and that we could be an encouragement to them tomorrow.

-That we would have a good day of rest and that peoples' voices would recover from vocal boot camp.

-That Elise V. would come in safely tomorrow.

-That we would have good weather! Gdansk is supposed to be even more unpredictable, and we really need some dry days.

-That we would continue to have the energy and spirit to continue with our goals and have good fellowship with each other. We are so blessed to be here together.


Mama Chocolate said...

Wow! Sounds like some good times! ;-)
We will be praying for more mild weather...and no more confused Polish men bursting into the girls' room.

Polka Dot said...

Yikes! Awesomeness and scariness. :) Miss you all and praying!

Unknown said...

My guess is the "Leader" of day five with the banana at his feet is John Unger.

We are really enjoying your daily posts and Peter's videos and stills.

roger said...

Thanks for posting. It is so good to see this trip through your eyes...makes it easier to know how to pray!