Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day Nine

Today started off well with Pastor Vanderveen's worldly possessions being creatively locked in his private chambers. Because of our keyless state, we held devotions in the hallway where we resorted to jumping jacks to keep the very sensitive, energy-conserving lights alerted to our presence.

We trudged out onto the sidewalk and down to the dock, where we climbed onto a pirate ship of sorts with highly advanced steering and propelling qualities. We enjoyed the trip to Westerplatt alternating between being "King of the World" on the prow and hulking under the wind and rain cover with comforting hot chocolate, tea, and coffee. Hot weather seems to be an every other day occurrence for us. Sadly, the more unfortunate individuals of our party weren't able to finish their beverage in time before disembarkation...

We wandered over Westerplatte's bunkers, towers, plaques, and memorials. I believe getting the story of the men there gave us a better feeling for the entire spirit of Poland. Between history lessons and exploration we busied ourselves with rose-hip wars and fruitless searching for necessarily facilities.

We all waited for the ship lined along the dock, dangling our toes, and snacking on Julia and Tanaya's trail-mix. The ride back was glorious. We wanted to commander the vessel to take it the open sea where all the delicious wind was, but we had to be contented with several of our team being able to take turns at the ship's wheel. The shipmaster was indulgent in our Polish Pirate imitations. We were able to talk to the ship's tour-guide about our presence in Poland and had a good conversation.  

When we got back we sang in the Old Town and handed out fliers before returning to the cringing Subway for lunch. In-between two more rounds of singing and handing out invitations we had two mad dashes to the mall, a laundry extravaganza, and other church, shop, and riverside sightseeing..We made the trek back to the catering place for dinner and then the hostel to fancy up for the evening's concert.

Our concert was at 8pm in the main street of Old Town. We had a competent sound system and God very graciously only teased us with a few sprinkles. Pastor Vanderveen proclaimed the Gospel between two sections of songs. Our voices sounded a bit tired, but we are working better together. We had several people who sat through the entire concert and many people stop for several minutes and take literature. The concert was very encouraging. We pray it bears fruit!

By the time we clambered back up the stairs to our hostel, most of us were pretty beat. Several rounds of Poker and Dutch Blitz brought us back to life in time to be very noisy before crawling into our neglected beds.

God gave us a magnificent day!

Note: I do have some pictures of awesome things I've been taking, but I'm currently running into techniquel difficulties... Keep checking Facebook and Evangelos!

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Happy Homemaker said...

You relate your adventures with such wit, we can hardly wait for the rest of the story!