Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day Ten - Malbork Castle

Today we pilled out in chaos to catch a tram and then a train to visit Malbork Castle. Malbork is the largest castle in Europe and the biggest brick castle in the world.

Our trip there involved a lot of "hurry up and wait", but we finally connected with our competent tour-guide who led us in a whirlwind through the massive main structures. We could have spent weeks, but we got to see enough to have an amazing time. The major highlight was being able to sing The Nicene Creed in the oldest hall of the castle...that has simply awe-inspiring acoustics.

By the end of the tour many of us were faint with hunger, even those who had already resorted to ice cream earlier in the day. We had several options, but the tough spirited decided to laugh in the face of starvation and charge up the several hundred steps to the castle's highest tower. It was worth it all. The view was amazing. The trees are so dark and beautiful here. Sadly, our photographers keep missing out on these stair challenging adventures...

We charged over to McDonalds to meet the rest of the group, only the rest of the group had providentially changed their plans. There was one McDonalds employee who knew any English and the whole place was mobbed with children who spoke another language yet. It took us over a half-hour to get about eight people's worth of food...and even then, three of us ended up sharing a Happy Meal. Thankfully there was an appeasing bird toy that has proved to hold hours of fun-filled entertainment.

Through much stress we all made it to the train platform in plenty of time. Most of us took advantage of a relatively still and quiet hour to doze and drool contentedly. Elise, who seems to have long lasting caffeine effects, continued to cause entertaining trouble..

Tonight we are having a spaghetti extravaganza at the hostel organized and executed by leading female members. Right now the kitchen is very much alive with wild voices...I thought today was our day of rest from singing. apparently we can't help it. Peter and Miwaza are focusing their artistic genius on a photo shoot with Benjamin and Rebekah. The rest of us that still posess any energy are playing Frisbee outside the hostel.

Tomorrow it is back to work. We may be able to take a quick morning trip to dip our toes in the Baltic Sea. We have two concerts and street evangelism scheduled. It's going to be a big, awesome day!

Please pray with us-

-For energy and lively voices for our work here.

-Good attendance and conversations at concerts and on the street.

-Blessings and encouragement on Pastor Pawel, his family, and his work here.


-Praise to God for a wonderful time here! We can't believe it is already Thursday.


Paweł Bartosik (Gdańsk) said...

Thank you for prayer request. See you tomorrow! Yes, I also expect awesome day! :)

Happy Homemaker said...

I'm glad you chose to laugh in the face of starvation... Beautiful views are always worth it!